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Awesome spot "The Lakelands" Plainfield, IL

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My Grandparents recently moved into a new house in Plainfield, IL into a neighborhood called "The Lakelands". I have been fishing there lately and discovered it has to be one of the best lakes in IL. Ive caught Bass, Northern Pike, and Walleye.

I have even used small bluegill for bait and thats how I landed 2 pike and a 5lb largemouth in 2 hours. Its a electric motor only lake and trolling off of my grandpa's pontoon has landed some serious fish:

Many bass over 3lbs
6 Northern Pike over 30" including a 38" & 40" (Huge girth)
3 Walleye 20-24"

Everything is catch and release so this should be a hot spot for years to come. The Spring showed much more action since there was less baitfish around. Any tips on how speed up the action in the dog days of summer?

When I first started fishing I was in shock as I had never heard anything about this lake. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this lake as it is a relatively new neighborhood.
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kylekocourek said:
Everything is catch and release so this should be a hot spot for years to come.
Oh, Kyle. Oh, Kyle.

I would delete (edit) this post if I were you my friend. No need for location.

You're catch-and-release pond that "should be a hot spot for years to come" just became a catch-and-bucket that will last till independence day.

I'm looking out for you and your spot here, and watch the negative responses directed towards me (just scroll down).
Kyle, airforce is right. Until you know and trust someone, don't post that kinda info on the net where more that just the members use it. There are a lot of dirtballs who will keep everything they catch out of that lake. Go back and click "edit" on your post and remove everything man, You'll be glad you did.

Oh yeah, just lemme know what time to be there and I'll pick airforce up on the way! 8:)
Well you're right about it being an awesome lake, I've caught some huge fish out of there... The part you didn't mention (probably just didn't know) is that the whole lake is private and for residents only. There is no public access and if you try to weasel your way in, they WILL call the cops on you! I used to fish it alot when the builder I worked for had some lots on the lake, but those got built up and that was the end of my boss kept catching me fishing instead of working... which is partly why I don't work there anymore :lol:
I live about a mile from there and drive by there every day.. wishing I had access once again :cry:
Where's my PM invite Kyle? Don't hold out on me... :lol:
Im not sure that this lake is it or not, but i have grown up in this area my whole life and most of the nicer (giant too moderately large homes in this area of plainfield) were bought up by builders 15-20 years ago. The reason those massive fish are in these lakes is because the clubs that use to own them ex. the -300 club were bought and turned into million dollar homes with strip mine lake lots.

And tubes is right dont even think of stepping out of the car in these neighborhoods let alone go fishing there, because the Plainfield P.D. dodge vipor that was just aquired will grete you. Then ,they will turn your fishing gear into D.A.R.E. equipment.
I'm not planning on going. The Plainfield Police can't be worse than the Naperville Gestapo. I've been in legal "situations" (in the distant past, of course :-D ) that don't exactly make me fearful of the police for fishing in the wrong spot.
jbill2280 said:
dont even think of stepping out of the car in these neighborhoods.
God, I hate rich people. Not upper middle class, but rich. You know, the type that buy their 16 year old retard a benz? Yeah, them. I hate them.

No matter how much money I make in the future, I'll still drink Miller Lite and go to GreatClips. That's right.
AGREED! Even tho it's a private lake, there are those that will squeeze their arse in.



I've got about 6 area ponds/lakes that I fish on a regular basis, all private & NO-ONE gets in. But these are all nutured by me over the years & fishing is so good that I WONT even post picture's/stories, methods or anything. These are no brainers & like fishing in & out of a barrel. No finess needed. So why? A kid going for the first time with his Bat Man pole or Barbie rod will do as good. But keeps me happy & not worth bragging about. :oops:
Give ya an example; Why should I post pics of the 30/35 Bass I caught 2 weeks ago in about 2 hours? Anyone could do the same with a stick, saftey pin & worm.
I've driven past there, and drooled all over my car many times. Like Tubes said, there are signs posted all over the place, so I just keep driving.... wishing I knew someone that lived there! :roll:
Yea I realize that it is a private lake and that is why I wasnt really afraid to post about it. You even need a code to get in the gate around the whole thing. I figured if anyone did fish it it was cause they lived there or new someone that lives in there and then they prob wouldnt be idiots enough to mess up my great fishing
wats it to me?

nuthing to me. Nevrmnd. Forgit it, ok? I didn't ask fur yur socal sekurty numbber, didd I?

I wus just wundering becuz I'm frum Naperville too. Thught we mighta had the sam English teecher or sumthing. U know?
haha ur funny u got ur panies all up in a bunch jk i didnt mean to sound offensive above it just came off wrong its all good
What a lake it is! Huge Crappie, sweet Walleye, monster Pike. Top notch ice fishing!!! The only chance I get to fish it is when Im building homes there havent been at the lakelands since ice out FYI we had a great season C&Red a 8 3/4 # walleye :eek:

Kyle your a lucky dude to have access.Try fishing the lagoon just north east of the covered bridge= 15"Crappie factory :)2 Enjoy!
Hey they're building a new middle school in the plainfield school district and they changed the boundaries and everything around and lakelands is gonna be going to the new school and so am i... guess ill have to make a few new friends :lol:
Hey bro I'm am time fishing man I'm down going fishing
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