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It is easy to replace a bad real seat.
What I do is cut the rod in half in the middle
of the reel seat. Remove tha old real seet and the but cap then slide a old rod shaft through the rear grip untill it is snug.Mark the old shaft that sticks past the rear grips,cut the old shaft 3inches on each side of the marks. This makes a ferrule under the real seat. OK now put a layer of thread on each side where you cut the rod,use masking tape to build up arbors for the new real seet.
I use high strength epoxy not 5 min, to glue it back together. Line up the reel seat use plenty of epoxy and clean up with alcohol.
I also tape rubber bands to the fore grip and stretch them over the real seat and tape the other end to the rear grip to hold it all tight. I hope this helps.
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