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We had a real busy show season this year!
Started it off back on Jan. 17th -21st at the Chicagoland Outdoors Show. The oldest outdoor show in the area and the most popular, used to be held at the International Amphitheater on Chicagos south side. Back when I was a kid they even had an actual show in the same arena they held large rock concerts in the building. Had archery shows, canoe and kayak demos, all sorts of stuff. those days are gone and its now out in rosemont Illinois where it is just a big expo. But, with dock dogs and lumber jack shows some entertainment is returning. Anyway, it was cool to be part of a show I have been visiting for years and years and years.......
We set up our booth and had thousands of visitors. We increased our membership by around 35 members. All the new members are already bowfishermen and women. We also gave out info to hundreds more and made some more great media contacts.

Then we were on to N/W Indiana and the Hammond Outdoor Show. We have many members from the northern Indiana area and hold several shoots there every year. Again, about 20 new members joined the BAI there.

Here is Chicago area radio and TV outdoor sports personality and Illinois outdoor writer of the year Don Dziedzina stopping by. We will be filming with him again this spring.

Next on to the Tinley Park Outdoor Show in Chicagos S/W suburbs. This is becoming Chicagos favorite outdoor show quickly. It is held in the Tinley park HS and has booth scattered thru 3 gyms , lunchrooms and hallways. Thousands visit it every year. BASS has a casting contest in the swimming pool every we asked them if we could set up a bowfishing range there. Surprise!! They let us do it. So a few hundred kids got to shoot at foam footballs in the pool. And lots of their parents. We were surprised how many bowfishermen came to see us and join the club there. This is definately one of my favs, especially as I live about 10 min. away! all proceeds from this show go to the schools booster program supporting all the athletic activities. The football players help you set up too.

The pic with the little girl made it into a very popular Chicago outdoor newspaper along with BAI contact info....

Chicago Sun times outdoor reported Dale Bowman taking a few shots....

And we just completed a show at the brand new Cabelas store in Hammond. Huge crowds came there to see the in store outdoor show. Had some new members walk up with pics of the fish they got last year. 8 more members there. Got our name in their fliers too circulated to 10s of thousands of people thru the Chicago-N/W Indiana area. We have been invited back to do all their events. BAI members from the Carptrek bowfishing team brought out their air boat and parked it right by the front entrance for all to see. Made lots of new friends there.

Got more coming up this summer, but the main show season is about over. Made many new friends, got over 60 new members and exposed thousands to the great sport of bowfishing. Cant wait till next year and do it all over again!! HUGE thanks goes out to the many BAI members who helped out in the booths!!

:)2 :)2 :)2
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