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Bangs Lake

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I took a friend out today for a payback trip for storing my boat this winter. Unfortunately, he spent most of the day watching me catch fish instead of getting any real action himself.

When we arrived, the road from 176 to Lindy's Landing was all torn up and I didn't think we were going to be able to get to the launch. However, even though it looked bad, there was no problem getting to their lot. There was only one other trailer there and only two other boats out on the lake. The best part was that the police boat wasn't out there to snag that $45 season lake pass.

We fished from 8:00-3:00 and had great weather. The wind was pretty strong but not too bad for most of the day. Water temp on the SE portion of the lake was in the high fifties and the NW portion was in the low to mid sixties. In all I took about 8 bass and my guest took 1. All fish came on typical spring baits. The break down is listed below. The key was to look for a couple of things, either a current seam or a silt line caused by the wind. Even though it made boat control a pain, fishing in the wind was a must.

Right now is a great time to be out on Bangs. No crowds, no skiers, and some frisky bass to be had.


5/Lipless Crankbait
4/Plastic Tube Lure
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Please tell me more about this $45 season lake pass. This is the first year I own my own boat. I used to just rent from Lindys. Do you need to pick this up in advance and if so where or do you just take your chances and if the police are there purchase it at that time? Also, does the Wauconda marine shop there have a boat launch and what is their fee? I know Lindys' is $15 which I don't mind but if the boat shop is cheaper it may be worth it.Sorry about all the questions and thanks in advance for any answers.
Sorry to take awhile to get back to this. I've been out of town for a couple of days. I'm not sure if the lake pass is still $45 since I haven't purchased one for the last couple of years but that's what it was in '99. My suggestion is to simply take your chances. I got hit up for it the first year I had my boat when I got pulled over for mistakenly violating the "no wake before 10:00AM" rule. The officer gave me some slack but wanted the municipal fee. At that time it was $22.50 for a single day or $45.00 for the year. Such a deal.

In the years since then I have been a good boy and followed the rules and have never been checked by the police boat and got away without getting the sticker. My guess is that they are more concerned with the skiers and pleasure boaters than the fishermen. They never seem to be on the lake early in the season and I tend to avoid Bangs once Delavan opens since the fishing is better there.

I can't answer your question about the fee at Wauconda Boat for launching. I have always used Lindy's because somebody told me that the other launch was more expensive. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info. I also plan on fishing Delevan this year but it will be my first time (first year with a boat) I have the fishing hot spots map and have been studying it but any pointers would be appreciated.
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