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So I went fishing on monday going back today. I am currently bit with the bass bug again as it happens every year around this time. I will be taking pictures; forgot the camera on Monday.

Results - 5 Bass (and one walleye)
Ranging in size from 9 - 14 ins the biggest was probably roughly two pounds. Most were in the pound and pound and half range.

Frenzy by Berkly (1/2 oz) caught 4 of the five silver with a dark back fairly traditional in color . The other was another rattle (no name to my knowledge) 1/4 oz sliver and pink mouth red eye kinda of funny colors...

These fish came in the first half hour; the other hour was spent teaching my friend to fish and trying new lures which I knew was too early for...

Black/Red Spinner ... two bumps on a slow retrieve however nothing took it.

Big Eight Plastic - Nothing. Did the stop and bounce very slow... nothing thought if i could pop over where they were spawning I would get an instinct hit but nothing...

Anything you want to know post here :)
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