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bassin the local lake 4/20

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Me & my little fishing buddy spent a few hours at our local spot.
Weather was perfect, sun was shinin' and finally no rain.

Soft plastics were doin' it for me today, managed to pull in a couple of these piglets.

My partner caught more than I did, although hers were slightly smaller.

Man this is FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nice,,,,,, you did a lil better than us this morning we went out to lasalle and nothing but dink cats,,, had a great time though,,, fished around marker 40-45 . I got to fish with my 2 favorite ladies :)2 :)2 :)2 , and I think its time to get waders on to retrieve my last flu flu jig ( i finally fished pond out back last nite ) had an immediate bite, fudged hook set and then snagged my only flu flu about 5 ft out on some cattails! I'll get back later after dinner if we have any luck. Good fishin..............
That last picture is a keeper :)2
Tuna, being a big guy you make all fish look small. I love your reports! Great pics!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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