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belmont parking

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where do you guys park and or walk from?fish the the harbor or the lake it self .thanks for any info
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I live two blocks away and fish on the south pier. There is parking on the northside of the harbor via Recreation Drive or on the Southside by the belmont yatch club.
Take Irving east until it ends. Take a right & keep driving. The tennis courts will be on your left / LSD on your right, keep going... The harbor will be on your right after the totem pole. If you want to fish the outside, park at the end & walk out to the east.

Put a crawler on a bobber 3-4 feet down for Coho (deeper for Browns). Or try casting a crankbait or small spoon.

Good Luck. I'm heading there Friday. If anyone hears anyting, let us know.

- JC
When coming in via Irving Pk Rd(RTE19)...Please make it a habit as I do...To run over atleast 1 low life yuppie larva scum on your way in & out....:smile:
That's a little harsh Deer Slayer, even for you :smile: :smile: :smile:
Thanks for the help think i'll be there sunday 10-3. If you see a guy that looks like he does'nt know what his doing it's me .Meat hawgs beware !!!!! :)11
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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