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Best Goby Imitations

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Figured I'd start researching the smallie bite on the big lake. Though I may only be limited to harbor fishing with my little 16' deep V, that doesn't mean I can't boat me some pig smalls. I realize that finessing tubes and drop shot rigs are the ticket (as well as deeper running cranks), but what type of plastics are best? I'm assuming goby replicas - has several options that I was looking at. I realize the fisherman catches the fish and not the bait, yadda yadda, but I just wanted some opinions. Also, are the smallies concentrated in the harbors throughout the summer, or do they tend to scatter as the weather gets warmer? Thanks guys.
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I just bought a bag of BPS branded gobies, and I am employing them tomorrow at the Calumet harbor. To me, they looked the most real and I liked the colors the best. They look about as close to the real thing as a plastic can IMO. I think they are around 5 inches and salt impregnated. I will repost tomorrow and let you know how many 15lb plus browns I haul in (I hope).

I've had success with Poor Boy's goby. Watermelon/gold flake
We have been fishing at the waukegan power plant peir for smallies ,done well. largest was a 21"er. used 3/8 jig with green and gold tubeskirt.Best fishing was at the end of the peir , there's rockes there. Along the north side of the peir has been good also.Sometimes we will ankor just off the main current and through along the slack water ,it's all rock and pebble there.
So I didn't get a chance to fish those gobies because the only fish out there by the power plant on the state line was carp and other shad like bottom feeders. Didn't catch any browns like I wanted to but I foul hooked a bunch of other fish, and it was cold


Green pumpkin tubes and Poorboys work well as previously mentioned. And Carp will readily take tubes as I was averaging 2 a trip (hooked in the mouth) last April from an area of warm water and current. Anything that can be crawled or hopped along the bottom slowly in a black/brown/green w/ white spots color variety is a good imitation. Also paddletails and ribbed baits add vibration and undulation to increase fish attraction. I have found that the goby "lures" do not work as well [Storm's swimbait and other plastic lure swimbait types] as plastics (not including Crankbaits).
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