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I took my daughter out for her first trip of the year. Bird Park in Kankakee has kids day every year from 8-12. No Adults can fish just kids under 16. So with such a beautiful forcast on Saturday I wanted to see if she'd enjoy it. She's only 4 and last year she had liked catching bluegills in the summer but lost interest after a short time.

So back to kids day. We got there at 8. Even though it was already packed, we got the spot I liked to fish when my dad used to take me there.

The first hour was very slow. None for us and only seen two or three caught. 9 am they started hitting. Most fish I seen caught were on bottom with orange powerbait. Other colors worked as well but orange was best.

She wanted to leave after the first so she could play at the playground but I talked her into staying until we caught another. She was "hooked" then. She wanted to stay and catch all 5.

We limited out by 11 so she still had plenty of time to play at the park.

Here's some pics:

She's not afraid to touch fish!

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