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This is a fishing report for Blackwell forest preserve in Warrenville. I fished and sand pond and silver lake at Blackwell and caught two decent bass in about an 2 hours.
I was at sand pond in Blackwell, I tried fishing with a variety of baits( I use a 6'6 medium heavy rod with a daiwa low profile baitcaster), a texas rigged worm, a wacky worm and shallow crank and a suspending minnow but didn't have any bites for about and hour.

I switched to a gold XXX shad colored crankbait that dives 7' max. I used slow steady retrieve when hooking both fish. On my second cast I hooked a 2 and a half pound bass and brought it in. I caught that first one on the western bank of sand pond at Blackwell.

After that I moved to silver lake, the main lake at Blackwell. I had been fishing there earlier in the year and only caught trout. I left on the crankbait I had caught the other fish on and used it for about half an hour until I hooked my next bass, roughly around that same size, but a little larger. I caught that one about 20 feet from the peer that is not near the boat docks.

Here is the first fish that I caught in sand pond
photo (1).JPG

Here is the second bass I caught in silver lake
photo (4).JPG
I hope this report helped you figure out what to use next time that you go to Blackwell, here are the two fish I caught
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