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BlackWell/Silver Lk.- 4/6 opening

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on April 6 Silver Lake opens for fishing. I live in Buffalo Grove so it's around a hour drive there. Is it worth it for me to go there? Anyways, i wouldnt take my boat, so I would have to fish from the shore or pier. If I do go what should I use? I've heard of using anything from corn, worms, or small marshmallows 2 feet under bobbers?
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I think it's worth an hour drive, especially if you like action, although the fish may be tiny, it's crazy action, cast=catch.
i agree with pikeslayer. i live 2 miles from there and i had the time of my life. I use wax worms under about 3 feet.
Is this silver lk in WIS, or where? What do you guys catch @ 3'??? I ussually hit skokie lagoons, busse LK, rock river @ oregon, and Clinton Lk. Everything local to chicago has been pretty bad so far, well for me at least.
I live about an hour away as well, but I still go there a couple times a year because it's a nice lake, you can rent canoes (and I think boat/trolling motor combos), and it's not usually that crowded (and plenty of free parking). Some bass, a few panfish, but not much else that I have caught. Supposedly there are walleye in there, but I haven't ever caught one. There are more people using the trails for running, hiking, biking, and horseback riding than there are people fishing. They guy in the baitshop is pretty cool too. It's located in VanPatten woods in Lake County, IL, off of Route 41. Exit Route 41 at 173 and go East(?). It's been a while so I would check with mapquest first!

Ooops, thanks for the correction. I was talking about Sterling lake. Sooory. Well, it's still a cool place to fish!

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jpollock78 we will be fishing for trout. It is in warrenville il.

Trolln4Fish they do rent boat/trolling motor combos. It is crouded on the 6th untill noon. There are walleye i know. I have seen one dead before. it was about 5 inches. i have never caught one eather. I have also seen a dead northern. Its back was ripped up by what looked like a trolling motor. Another bait shop is the "true value" a mile away. They sell hooks,line,weights,worms,minnows,poles. They aren't the best.
Silver Lake in the Blackwell forest preserve is on Rt 56 (Butterfield) just west of Winfield Rd in Warrenville IL. Every spring they stock rainbows. It gets pretty busy there on opening day for trout. Far and away the best bait for hatchery raised trout is Berkley Power Bait for trout. Hatchery fish have never had to eat natural food like worms or minnows, they only get fed trout chow. Power bait must come close cause it never fails.
The trout also tend to school up and swim in big circles so you don't get constant action unless the school is near your bait. You can tell where the school is because you can watch and see who is catching fish.
It may not happen like this on every lake, but it's been a constant pattern for me.
ive seen the same pattern as fergy has with the schools.
well, i cant go there on the 6th, im going on the morning of the 7th, will there be just as good trout fishing still?
Trollin 4 fish, the lake you are refering to is called sterling lake. If you are up north Belleua lake in park ridge is also stocked with trout. axhead lake down from Belleua is a zoo when the trout is stocked so I would not go there. I have caught my largest walleye at silver lake a 25 1/2 alost 6 lbs this november. It was very cold and this fish was in shallow eating small bluegills in a still green weedbed. My fishing buddy was afraid we would be locked in It was also getting pretty dark when that 1 more cast thing actually paid off. Good fishin, See you on the water. Kevin
Yeah, I live in Niles, The lake by me is Packed with people by sunrise every year. For stocked trout though, you could hit Desplaines Conservation area. There is a park they stock there it's along 55 just past joliet refinery. Or, go out west to White pines Rec area, it's by Oregon near the rock river. There's always less people around there. Thanks, for the Lake info.
so will there be just as good trout fishing on the 7th? It's a stupid question, but at a few lakes I've fished at in arizona, there were no fish left because they were all cleaned out the day they opened.
I think it will still be fine on Sunday. It's just a madhouse on Saturday almost not worth showing up. If I remember correctly last year, opening day wasn't all that great for alot of us. I think Pikeslayer did well opening day but I did better in the following weeks.
i did bad the first day but i was fishing for bass all these other guys were hogging the shore so we couldn't fish.
If you go to Silver springs or any other place where they are stocking trout make sure you have a trout stamp with your fishing liscene. I believe you can fish there for other species, but if you hook into a trout release him if you don't have a trout stamp. I believe most are familiar with this rule, but it never hurts to post this for the ones that are unaware of this. I imagine the conservation wardens will be around. I generally go during the week to avoid the crowded weekends. The fish will still be there. I even caught trout there a week later.
they were at blackwell last year. Checking everyone
hope they are there again this year. :)15
I absolutely hawged opening day for spring trout last year. I didn't fish much at Blackwell for trout after that. In the fall however, following the fall stocking, I missed the first few days of the fall trout stocking, and still was catching trout weeks after that fall opener. It doesn't matter whether you go on Sat. or Sun. The weather will be more important, we need some sunshine for things to really blow up.
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