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It's a tough call, based on responses that will come back if I say take some fish for a meal.

I also don't fish the Lagoons, so I don't know the bluegill situation there. It sounds like it's pretty stable, to have that size range of fish spawning.

My feelings, and the feelings of In-Fisherman magazine: practice selective harvest. Take enough fish for your meal, but try not to take all of the largest fish.

Theory is large fish got that way by not being stupid and large fish spawn potentially large fish - a gene thing. Stunted fish spawn more stunted fish.

By keeping only the largest breeders you catch, you personally won't hurt the fishery.

But if 1000 anglers kept the largest breeders caught in one season, it's hard to say what the results would be. If this is done over time it could possibly hurt.

My bottom line - your license (assuming you have one) and fishing laws allow x amount of a particular fish to be taken. Take what you feel comfortable with for your meals.
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