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Bowfisherman Of The Year Standings

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Tom has tallied up the points so far, and with the first quarter of the year about to end, the leaders are......
1) Scott K.
2)Evan Person

Good going so far guys....and thanks to you and everyone who has helped the BAI promote the sport of bowfishing and the club with your work and giving of your free time at sport shows, shoots and events.
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Carpslayer (Bill) is in not so distant 3rd. So now we turn to the part of the season where you get to show off your bowfishing skills or lack there of! :-D Get out there and SHOOT SOME FISH!

Seriously, thanks to all for helping out with the shows, with out your help it would not be possible.
ed how about posting the points so we all know where we stand
Tom [Bucnspur] is keeping track of the points Sam. Im sure he will post them up soon. Ed [spinnerman] is keeping track of the big fish contest......
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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