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Braidwood Report 04/20

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Hit the water at around 8:15 and had a great day. Got 6 keepers the largest being 17 inches and weighed 3.0lbs. Caught about a dozen under 15 inches. They were up against the rocks in calm water. (I sure could have used these fish on tournament day). They weren't hitting very hard. For the most part the hits alomst felt like a snag. So when in doubt, set the hook.

Keep your lines tight and practice CPR.
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Big Bass,
Do you mind me asking what you caught your fish on?? i have been tryng braidwood this season without much luck. Thanks
I have no problem telling you what I caught them on. They were caught on chartreuse rattle traps and deep diving crank baits. Let me know if you want to get together sometime and I'd be happy to meet up with you and fish Braidwood.

Keep the lines tight and practice CPR.
:)11 Tried those deep divers in calm water and lost everyone I owned. Rocks felt like fish to and set hook and got snags! Not sure what i did wrong..
Try using a slower retrieve with heavier line. I did snag quite a few rocks but if you work your way over to the snag, you should be able to get your lure to back off the rock.
Thanks for the invite. That would be great. i am fishing the IBF tourney this weekend. But after that I want to try braidwood again. Let me know.

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