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Could not stand the cabin fever anymore, loaded the boat and tried braidwood sat. It was cold, and snowing to say the least. Hit the water about 7 am, 5'-10' vis with the fog.
After learnging how to navigate blind again, and getting the pfd's on we set out.
Once it got down to the fishing, lost three bass due to forgeting how to set the hook I think, and then started with some live bait.
Ended the day at about 2 pm, boated 30 cats, 3 bass, and one gill.
Cats ranged from 12"-19" in 40 ft of water, bass were all 12" caught off rocky points on flippin jig.
Could not have done it without the black cat heater, or my fancy map I purchased last year!
All in all it was a great trip, I got to test the boat for Lasalle saturday, and got to freeze up all 4 baitcast reels that I took too. You know its a little cold when your spool freezes to the housing between casts!
Good luck, happy fishing,
See yall sat at lasalle!
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