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Hey all,

I just joined the site the other day, and this is my first post. Trying to not make this sound too much like a personal ad.

I just moved to Bartlett, and am looking for a fishing buddy like everyone one else posting in this section. Not afraid to drive to get places, and will fish anywhere they are biting. I have been fishing DuPage county forest preserves (esp. Cricket Creek, Blackwell, and West Branch) my whole life, and just moved off of the Fox River where I really learned how to catch channel cats.

I am not a one species guy, I'll switch up based on what's hitting at any givin time. I can get as much fun out of catching a mess of blue gill as I can out of a handful of bass. I do not own a boat, and am completely happy fishing from shore, but if you got one, I'm Kool and the Gang with that.

What do I bring to the table as a fishing buddy?

Sarcasm, lots of sarcasm.
A big ol' truck (Silverado Ext. Cab, 8' Bed, truck box, towing package).
A rolling cooler.
A butt load of gear.
Someone you can probably wollup pretty good as well.

I am mostly a weekends guy, but with some notice I can schedule weekdays off as well. I hit the water on my way home from work once in a while, and am lucky enough to be close enough to Cricket Creek in Elmhurst that I get to fish on my lunch when I choose to as well.

I got no problem with people bringing their kids along as long as they are into fishing and not rock chuckers (you know what they say, buy a kid a fish and they'll forget to feed it in a day, teach them to fish and frustrate them for life). I have spent a lot of time teaching children to fish over the years (about the only thing I am good at with children). I am also currently teaching my wife to fish, so if you choose to bring yours from time to time, I'll bring mine too.

I am chasing the IDNR master angler award and grand slam awards this year (which in reality shouldn't be that difficult), and looking for my first mounted fish as well.

I am looking for someone who wants to hit the water somewhat regularly, is serious about fishing without being a nut, has a good sense of humor, and is willing to be competitive and cooperative at the same time.

Reply here, PM, or e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested (despite the eighteen page long personal ad preceeding this).
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