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I wish I had a bigger boat today. Alot of guys with more guts/brains? than I did went out of the ditch to the port. They stayed because I did not see them come back to the ditch. Was to rough for my boat, was out at 5:30 till 9:00AM NOTHING not even a strike. Fished the ditch mouth trolled and casted with taildancers, shad raps, you name it. Got brave when the wind calmed a little and went on the lake just outside of the ditch and you geussed it NOTHING. It was a nice ride back to the portage harbor, sun shine and no wind pretty clouds and all. With no fish you have to count your blessings elsewhere.

We fished the State Line to the Casino today and got 8. Were on the water by 8 and off by about 1. All the fish came on Frenzy's. Had one triple with two guys on the boat, it got pretty interesting. The wind kicked up about noon and thats why we split. We fish out of a 16 foot tri-hull and we all know that they don't like the rough stuff. And it was nice hooking up with someone off the board, hope your luck got better Joe.

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