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Sorry for the test guys and gals, I keep putting a capital letter in my password and then my post wont take. Anyhow did the ditch yesterday, even with the NW winds in the AM. Started great at the mouth, a 30 in steelie and a nice brown and then nada. Decided to take a pounding and run to the gary light were we killed them wednesday. Thats why the call in fishing and not catching, 6 fish in 4 hours and only 1 was trolling. Worked the discharge with squid and got a few and worked the rocks with the trolling moter and casting and got a few more. Only about 5 boats there and everybody doing poorly. One guy with his wife and kid in a nitro anchored up right on top of the discharge and was getting some but even he was working for them. The boat we were with and us decided to run back to the ditch around noon and they ran to baileys and we trolled and casted the mouth. They got zip again and we finally got 2 more to make our limit and we let everything go. Never tried inside the port but talked to 2 boats that were there and they didnt do any better there or so they said. No set bait or lures, probably caught the 10 fish on 10 different baits. Wont get out till next week. River still too high for me and besides it will be mobbed this week with the MWC tournamant on the weekend. May take a ride and go for the weigh in. Its great to have nothing to do and all day to do it. God Bless America and the City of Chicago Pension Board!!!!!!!!!!
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