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busse report

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fished busse north and main pool from shore for about 2 hours. tried every lure couldnt get a fish. maybe some bites or maybe just weeds not sure. it was a nice day, not sure why the the fishing ws bad the weather has been nice.
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Hockey, I found that the key to busse bass fishing is look for structure. Downed trees and other logs sitting in the water. Busse is a very open lake. Bass love the structure for shade. When the boat rentals open try the lake again and work the edges and islands. They put fingerling muskies in busse to try to get rid of the blue gills. they will hang by the structure too. I found that fishing the south side is a lot tougher.
the fish might be tired

I was at Busse on Sunday morning and the place was packed. There were nine people fishing on the 25 foot long bridge at the overfllow between pools one and two and another couple on either side. It was tough finding a spot on the shore between other fishermen where you wouldn't cast over someone's line.
Maybe the fish were just too tired of dodging lures the whole weekend to take the bite when you were there. :)
Nice weather! But the water get time to get warm up! Busse Lake is big lake and take time to warm up that's why I do very well at small ponds until large lake get warm! Other way is live bait! Large minnows do well for me for bass, walleye and crappies! If you perfer lures then that's fine and reel slow and keep move around until you find fish! They don't come to you so go after them!
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