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So the move to Chicago from Waukegan has been fantastic! Our boat moves about 45 mph with a full crew and a full tanks.

We have met some geat people from Chicago, LA, Ohio, MI, FL, and even Germany. The highlight so far had to be a customer getting so excited seeing a 25lb King almost netted that he decided to let go of the pole. So if anybody snaggs a Talora/Tekota SWR with an Orange Flounder Pounder, let us know.

Hot baits so far have been BW ALL UV Maat Rig, Pro King Foil Spoons, DW SS in Blue Sparkle, and NBK Flasher with Dill PIckle Fly (#1) two years in a row.

My fridge is loaded with bait if anybody needs any. I wouldnt want it to goto waste.

Get out there NOW, there are freight trains arriving everyday!

Captain Joel
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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