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We put in at 95th street on Thursday, 3/20/08 Water temp 34 really clear. The ramp was wide open. The lake level makes it hard to launch a big boat but for my little Sylvan, it was fine.

Started fishing in the ship canal at 11:00 am. marked fish but no takers in two passes at the mouth so we went around Inland Steel and trolled that wall for an hour. No fish marked, none taken. Water was 34 degrees there as well.

Went back to ship canal and caught first coho at 1:00 PM. Went 9 for 11 from then until 3:00 PM. 3 nice coho and 6 fat browns. Largest brown was about 5 pounds. Smallest brown was 2.5. Cohos were all 2.5.

Caught 2 browns and 1 coho on J11 orange on flat line. Caught the rest on small dipseys set to run wide. Down about 12 feet. All on spoons hammered gold with orange stripe. Later in the day, it was a lime green stripe on hammered gold.

They shut off shortly after 3:00 and we tried for another hour to get the last in out limit but no takers. We went home happy with a great trip to start the season.

Water in canal was 48 and brown but not as dirty as I have seen it in the past.
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