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carp spawning

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hi i am 17 and i just got into bowfishing. the only problem i am having is that i cant really find alot of information on bowfishing for illinois. ive been out to fox lake to bowfish and didnt get anything because are boat didnt have lights and it got dark quick. BUT back to what i need to know can you bowfish during carp spawning and can you bowfish in fox lake because i really dont want to get in trouble by the dnr.
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Bowfishing is perfectly legal on the chain. That is where I started. Did most of my fishing in ackermans channel and around grass lake. You will know when the carp are spawning around there. You can actually smell them. They start spawning in another month or so. Usually about the time when the water gets high after a few rains. And you can shoot plenty of fish without lights. Go out on really hot days and look for them around the middle of the channels and around the docks. The best ways is to get out right around sunrise and sunset and look for their backs sticking out of the water around the shorelines.
does any one know of some amazing spots on the chain?? or what lake is better for carp and where. oh yeah and how many lbs is good for bow fishing like what is to much and what is to little.
Grass lake is the best spot I would think. Lots of fish all around it and good sized. We have a big shoot there each year, and several other fun shoots the NIBA holds. I think a 40 is a good weight to start with, Scott uses a 35 I believe and takes plenty of fish.
Send me a pm with your email address and name and Ill start sending you our BAI E-Newsletter. Or email me it from our club site contacts section at . Your welcome to join our free bowfishing club. :)2
During the spawn, any lake on the chain is good. My personal favorite is the small cove by the grass lake bridge. It is right next to the Port of Blarneys. It is connected to fox lake through ackermans channel. The channel is full of fallen trees and the carp love it.
thanks if any one is thinking about bowfishing during the carp spawn at the chain im going to be stopping by there every once in a while to check it out and see if the fish are spawning and ill post when i find out. just in case i dont catch the spawn if any one else could could you post when it starts or when you think it is going to start. :-?
I was wondering if any one shoots a genisis or however you spell it
I have 3 of them we use for the kids events shooting ranges. They are a little lite for bowfishing but could do the job, especially the Genisis pro which is a little stronger at 25lbs. the AMS fishhawk is a beefed up genisis that tops out at 40lbs, and is a very good bow.
last year when i learned about bowfishing i wanted to get the ams fish hawk bow but when i went to gurnee mills mall to go to bass pro shop they only had a bow that looked alot like it the genisis pro so i bought it but im now regreting it and in a week or so im going to go back and buy a new bow are there any decent bows for under 200 dollars somewhere in the range of 30 to 40 pounds?
There are some decent recurves for under 200, or close to 200. Check and look at the bows. PSE made a nice bowfishing set with a compound, retriever reel and arrows for around 200 I think. Weezer would know its name as he sold me one a few years ago.
i was browsing online and i think im going to get the ams fish hawk it looks like a nice bow but a little bit more than i wanted to spend and ill probably have to order it online. does any one have any comments about that bow or recomend a diffrent bow.
I like it. Perfect bowfishing compound and decent price. We will be giving one away at the Grass Lake shoot this June :)2
cool im not sure if im going to be going to the grass lake shoot family trip to arkansas :cry:
It's better to spend the money up front becuase you will just want to upgrade your set up later. The fish Hawk is a perfect bow for bowfishing, it's adjustable from 30-40lbs, has no let off and is durable. It's best to go on-line to Sully's bowfishing and check out all the different bows they offer. The choices are vast and it will all come down to personal preference. Almost every bow manufacturer out there is now making a product geared towards bowfishing. Good luck to you and if you have any questions on the different bows just ask, with our group someone either owns one or has owned one.
actually i was just doing alot of looking around and i changed my mind i thinking about getting the browning barracuda it has more fps than the ams fish hawk and the name is a little cooler. i already have the ams reel and 2 bowfishing arrows so im thinking ill just order the bow only.
I have a Browning Barracuda and I don't care for it. It is nice and light but is too short a bow to shoot comfortably with fingers, the Fish Hawk is longer than the Barracuda and is a better choice between the two.

My opinion of course.
i know i was advised against it but i really waNTED THE BARRACUDA sorry caps lock anyways i purchased the barracuda i should get here in a week. ill post on how great it is i hope i can attach my ams reel to it. has any one els done this?
Yes, depending on the rest you will need 2 of the thick AMS spacers between the bow and the old style AMS reel. If you are using the new style AMS reel I don't know. Get an assortment of the thin and thick spacers.
does any one know when the carp are suposed to spawn or for how long carp usually spawn for. and is there a limit to the number of carp you can shoot????? :-? :roll: :)5 :)5
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