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Chicagoland Bass Tournament 2002 Dates

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Sponsored by: BASSIN’ BANDITS an I.B.F. / National B.A.S.S. Federation Chapter member: Director / Club President:: Edward D. Bohn (708) 597-8698 Vice President: Michael G. Nega (708) 403-3220
Sunday, APRIL 21st, 2002

Saturday, MAY 11TH, 2002

Sunday, JUNE 2nd, 2002

Sunday, JUNE 30TH, 2002

Sunday, JULY 21st , 2002

Sunday, AUGUST 18TH, 2002

Sunday, SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2002

TEAM CLASSIC Tournament (15 Teams)

NOTE: These tournaments are only open to National Bass Federation Members. There will be a one-time seasonal application fee of $ 20.00 per angler for those that are not members of the Bassin’ Bandits. This fee covers the cost of running the tournaments.

Tournament Entry Fee is $ 75.00 per team with an optional
$ 10.00 Big Bass Pot and a Ramp fee of $ 5.00. TOTAL : $ 90.00
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Ed I'd like to hire a guide for smallmouth on the lake who would be the best
Don't know of any pure smallmouth guides for hire here in Chicago. Wish I could, but I can't, so I won't. Guides for hire need to have a captain's license. Don't what to brake the law. I need to got one. Sorry. EDB
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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