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chicagoland ponds and lakes

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Has anyone fished the ponds,lakes and rivers around the chicagoland areas? if so where did you fish and how did you do?
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havent been out yet. can you tell me how to post a message. you can e-maill me at [email protected], i would appreciate it. thanks
The Lake County Forest Preserve maintains several lakes with decent panfish and bass fishing throughout Lake County. I had a lot of luck at the Independence Grove facility in Libertyville that opened last year. Even caught a few Walleye and have heard of others taking Pike out of the 115 acre lake. I also have tried the Desplaines river but with little luck.
The Fox Chain of Lakes has lots of fish, and lots of fishermen. Links to the forest preserve and the Fox chain are on this site.
Busse Woods has a very good supply of bluegill and crappie, especially bluegill in the 5-7.5 inch range. Also a good supply of bass. Try the north and middle dams.

I vowed to catch my first bass on a flyrod I've owned for about 8 years last year, and I'm making that vow again for this year, for sure.
LarryM the biggest bass I caught on a flyrod is 16 inches and it was awesome good luck...
the panfishes are starting to bite!
There a lot of different lakes and ponds out there to fish in the area, although most people might disagree, we are blessed with the area we get to fish. There are so many subdivisions and forest perserves that stock their ponds and lakes to be fished, any place in particular or species? Hopefully there is some close to you, I mean just either look on a map and check out the little ponds, or just drive around, I occasionly go "pond/lake Hunting" alot and most of the time am very successful. Good Luck and Tight Lines!
I agree. I have fished from Waukegan west to the Pacific, and you have some of the most reliable fishing.
Take A Kid Fishing.
I live in the city, and was wondering where in the western suburbs can I go to?
Although I don't flyfish, Papoose (Palos Hills) has had panfish popping the surface the last two days. It is a very weedy lake, and fly-fishers can place their presentation amoung weed pockets and do pretty good on panfish, and bass(when the water gets warmer). That's what I hear anyway!

OZ, who has had fish attack his float there, but not his bait ;0(
The crappies are hittin on the Des Plaines river past Hoffman Dam :)13
the crappies are hitting at busse too! :)14 :)19 :)21
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