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Clinton lake

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I'm heading down to Clinton the week of may 5th. Looking for some pointers on fishing the lake. Have tried twice before with limited success. I'd like to catch some hybrids, catfish or crappie. Any hints or current conditions would be greatly appreciated. I'll be saying at mascoutin. Thanks in advance. Good fishing to all.
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with the cats. find yourself a cove or a shoreline with a stiff wind blowing into it. then fish bluegill chunks on the bottom. slip sinker style. better bring good line and a big net. if ya catch them hogs let em go their no good to eat. with any stable weather the crappie will be spawn some post spawn by the time you get there.


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<font color="#000080">Lots of stripers at the boat ramp point at dusk.....walleyes on the flats</font>
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