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Clinton Report 03/28

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Arrived at 8:00 A.M. Water temp. ranged from 40 at West side ramp to 56 at route 14 bridge. Rained all morning until about 12:00. Wind was 15 to 20mph out of southwest.Caught 1 12" crappie in 15 feet of water in cove directly across from marina. Had a few hits fishing for bass on blue/black 1/4oz jig with blue trailer and also a few on watermelon baby brush hog. Pretty nasty day on the water. Of course, I got home and the wind had died down and the sun was out. Oh well, better luck next time.
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Cool! I'm might head down 2nd weekend in april. How has boat traffic been since clinton reopend?
Boat traffic usually isn't to big of a problem this early in the year. There were only about 10 other boats that I had seen Wednesday, but then again it was a pretty nasty day.
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