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Has anyone been to clinton lake yet?
Is it open?
How's the water temp?
How's the fishing?
Would like to get the boat out and get this season started.

Thanks, Dave.
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I was just at Clinton on Sunday.

I was fishing around the DeWitt bridge, looking for crappie and whites. No such luck. Finally just broke down and did the whole nightcrawler bit, just to get some action. Caught plenty of gills, drum, and small catfish.

A few guys were using shad in the current under the bridge, and I saw them catch several nice cats. 3lb+. But that was about the extent of the action.

Im not sure on water temps, but the warm water discharge is definitely pumping, and I saw quite a few fish jumping. The water is a little muddy, but it should start picking up any time now.

Good Luck!
I was also there on Sunday with a group, we had 5 boats with only 2 bass caught. Water temp at the dam 42 degrees and by the bridge 58. Water very muddy all over the lake
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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