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this was posted on the cooling lakes board. Should we be concerned? Mazonia is on the list.
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forgot the url

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Should we be concerned?
HELL YES we should be concerned!!! Until that thieving SOB is run out of Springfield on a rail nothing is safe!
Just one last shifty move by this joker before he puts his tail between his legs and bows out of the buttmudstorm he has created. Starved Rock closing?! Hey Ryan, your a disgrace to the Irish and the history of this state! No respect man!...No respect!
Ya gotta laugh.

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101 this buttmud thing is getting old.
I think everybody knows what he is. (.) There must be alot of different ways to make cuts. Maybe his salary.. LOL
Anonymous writes...
101 this buttmud thing is getting old.
#1. As a NON-registered member your opinion of what should be allowed on this site dont matter.
#2. If people would refrain from using truckstop/locker-room language on CLF it wouldn't be at issue, now would it? There are plenty of ways to insult a person without resorting to foul language but dont strain yourself trying to figure out what they are! (now, you see how that works?)

<marquee> "I fish, therefore I AM! I am, therefore I FISH!"----------------------------<:)}}}>< </marquee>

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And that bit of wisdom comes straight from the number one garbage mouth of CLF.
Closing Starved Rock is absolutely absurd.That doesn't even sound feasible.
This Ryan character is not much more than glorified crook.What a boob.
And,have any of you ever been to Morraine Hills?It's absolutely gorgeous.This joker picks the most beautiful places in Illinois and (tries) to take them from us. Nice try inside-out hillbilly.Have a nice ride to Hell F#!K FACE!!!
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