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Last fall I found a lot of great info on fishing for kings from the lakefront on this site.

I was hoping someone could enlighten me on coho. What are the best times, locations, depths, wind, water temp, lures / bait, strategies, etc, in the Belmont/Diversey/Montrose harbor areas.

If there are articles or docs somewhere out there just point me to those so I dont waste anyones time, but so far I havent had much luck with searches for information.

Thanks a bunch and feel free to email me direct if this is a waste of board space.


Thanks for the link,

Ive looked through a bunch of it , but right now am just looking for the basics...

If im fishing from diversey or Montrose, should I be fishing the mouths or further out.

What are the recommended lures - will the glow krocs and cleos i have for kings work on coho? Should the retreives be the same as for kings? It looks like you fish shallower for coho.

Is live bait better? if so what is the recommended bait- how deep and should i fish it.

What wind direction is best?

What water temp is best?

What times are best?

Thanks in advance.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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