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Cold and quiet Braidwood LJ n Blu not rocking.

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Took 6 days to get there this year. And it was not fish after fish after fish, dead shad all over, and snow on the roads as some years. LJ wanted to head up Thursday so I did not go when weather was better early in week.

I made a few casts waiting for him to show and roughly figured out, it was not on fire.

Finally Lost Jackson shows and we went on the death march east. (2nd and 3rd cars in lot) Steam rising wind howling.
Stopped at the grove since it was there. No bities.

Moved down to one of my secret holes. LJ hooks up on an Illinois Redfish imitator. No half shell, M_D, under the slot.

Then he gets a bigger than average cat.

I got this just to be multi species.

Then I land the only sort of good cat of day.

I guess it beat sleeping and a little exercise is a good thing.
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Hey Blu, where there many boats out there?
Saw one and done. Next to no one out.
If there was anything I was lacking in life, it's pictures of me with carp. I love it! :-D And he's not kidding, the "bigger than average" was a larger fish that day.:lol: Good times though. Now that I can find my way without Blu's patented turn by turn directions, I'll have make some return trips.

And I only saw the one boat as well. There was one trailer in the lot when we turned our compass and hiked past the lot.
I am kicking around a Monday trip got medical crap rest of week. Big warm up may necessitate ice out crappie across the road from the spot though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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