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Got out with our trusty guide around 6:30a.m...Found a weedbed that dropped off to a rocky/sandy bottom at 6 f.o.w.Before I could put the minnow net back in the bucket got a perch.Last fish of the day for me :roll:
All total got around 14 perch,with our guide taking out a 17 inch northern on a tipup with a shiner.My highlight of the day was having marinated goose strips for brunch and then having oxtail soup for lunch!Never had oxtail before and highly recommend it,YUM.Had some fun doing 360s in the six wheeler.Around 12:00 the sun came out for awhile and all around us the ice started sounding like rolling thunder...A very strange experience for old hunden,the guys assured me it was pretty common :eek:
Good luck to you all,get out on that ice while you can :)2
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