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Deer slayer

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deer slayer how long have you been shooting and-or hunting. You have given me a lot of advice and i want to truely thank you.

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I shot for about 3 year's...Then I took a 5 year hiatus..Now I just got back into it a little over a year ago...I believe Frank has also given advice here on bow's..Thank him also...Now the only advice i've given is the basic's of shooting a bow...But now that I know your only 15...I'd suggest you taking a hunting saftey course...I believe your going to have to do that anyway to get any permit's...Alway's make sure someone knows where your hunting at..And make sure they know what time your expected home..Alway's wear your saftey belt when hunting from a treestand...or even better....Buy a saftey harness..Now here's the most important thing anybody can ever tell you...NEVER take a shot @ an animal that you think you can't make...Only take high percentage shot's...There's no sence in taking a bad shot & just wounding the animal only to have it die miles away..And don't be suprised that you go a few year's without getting your first deer with a bow...I've known people to go upto 6 year's without getting a deer..This is mainly caused by BUCK FEVER..This is a hard thing to overcome,and don't kid yourself...You'll get it also...We all do..Just keep breathing & concentrate & you'll over come it..but it comes & then it goes..only to return again some other day...
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i took a hunters safety coures on 4-21 and 4-22. Its a cool class to take i had fun learning. on the test i scored i think 99% but when its basic safety it is easy. I hunted last year with 4 uncles and a 21 year old cousin. That was the on;y time i will ever go untill i can drive myself to any othe place. They all knew where i was going and when i should have been back. Every day they would ask me. I won't be hunting from a tree stand any time soon so the harness thing is in the back of my mind. (its always nice to know.) Last year i could have shot at a deer but i was my first and i thought i could make it but when i looked through the peep i was shaking too much. i with drew the pull(had it pulled and put it back to "resting" position.)Because i knew i couldn't make it. I didn't get a deer and don't care i had fun i saw one about 15-20 yds from me. how many people my age can say that. My uncle has been bow hunting for 7-8 years and never shot a deer with a bow. i had some buck feaver but it was a rush.
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Young man you are on the right track! By passing a shot that you thought was questionable, you demonstrated maturity and judgement that will make you an excellent hunter. I've been bowhunting for 24 years, starting when I was 12 and taking my first deer, a small buck, at 14. I've killed too many deer to remember over that span, but I can tell you this, I think you are already ahead of where I was at your age. Deer are on your way, but you are already a sucessful bowhunter. The appreciation of the experience itself is something that a lot of hunters take much longer to grasp, if ever. I came from a hunting family (in Michigan) but no one bowhunted. I learned alot from reading everything I could and attending shows and seminars. I just wish the internet was avalable back then. My advice to you is simple, HUNT and HUNT ALOT! Go out every chance you can. If it's cold, hunt for an hour, if it's raining hunt till you're soaked, if it's windy, walk the corn. Don't get caught up in the gadgetry of it all! You don't have to have $1000 worth of equipment to bowhunt. If the equipment you have is tuned and you shoot it well, stick with it. Spend more time on becoming a better hunter than a better archer at first. You don't have to be an expert shot if you consistently get deer 20 yards or closer. In my opinion, learning to become a competent archer can be done in a short time with good instruction and practice. A retired friend of mine bought his first bow two months ago, he is shooting 4" groups at 20 yards, but he's never been in a stand with a bow. Becoming a good hunter can take a lifetime, there are just so many variables. Well, I've probalby bored you to death, I just am pleased to see young people getting into the sport and I wanted to comment on how well you're doing. Tubes77
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Thanks for supporting me. Lots of people (my age) thought they were cool to make fun of me when i went hunting. I told them even though i didn't get a deer i still had fun, got to miss school and do something most people my age can't do. So thanks again.
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