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Hunted DesPlaines Sunday morning in some cold, damp, and very windy conditions. The dogs put up plenty of birds, but the high winds made for some challenging shots! Capt. Bill of course, didn’t miss anything as the first three birds busted! :eek:

We seemed to find groups of birds, busting in three's, two's, and an occasional single. The birds were certainly up and running in front of the dogs! Working into the wind, there was no way they could lose our pointers! :-D

The group finished the day with 7 of our 8 birds shot, one we have no idea on how it wasn't found? That bird we will just call Houdini! :-?

It did warm up a bit through the morning, and turned into a nice day to be out. Not too warm for the dogs. A nice change actually! :)2
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