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I made it out to Diversey Harbor last night around 6pm, and fished for about an hour. I was throwing a small twister tail, and trying to let it sink as far as I could.

I then switched over to a lipless crankbait, but still the same result. Nothing. Poor showing for my first attempt out.

I did however get some pictures of the open water at Diversey Harbor.

- Jon

Jon, Excellent web site and photos. I did the same thing at Kenosha, took pics for lack of action on the fishies. You have a great little concept for the web site from the novice perspective. You must be in Marketing :-D

If you want to collaberate and expand your site we should swap some photos and reports. I work the Piers from Waukegan to Milwaukee until May.

I'll post my pics of the empty piers and great sunlight for photos from Simmons island later on.
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