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Diversey / Belmont Harbors 3/15

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My Dad caught a 2-3 lb Brown trout today at the Diversey docks. He was using a jig & spikes for perch, which also seemed to be biting OK.

He heard that they caught 1 large Brown & 1 Coho at Belmont also. We're going to try Belmont tomorrow & I'll report back.

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I was at Belmont today 3/15 and had no luck. I helped a guy land around a 25lb brown at about 8:30am on a powerline. He then landed about a 10lb steelhead 2 hours later when I was leaving. He had a great day and most everyone got at least one small coho.
I usually fish the Northeast end of the harbor on the lake side. I come from the north on LSD and exit at Irving Park. I follow Recration drive to the end. You will end up on the east side of Belmont harbor. There is parking, a pier, and the northeast end and lake side is easy to get to and fish. There is usually people out with powerlines and throwing lures.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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