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Fished the big lake both Saturday and Sunday for those silver fish. Went 2 for 5 on coho Saturday at Diversey powerlining. Nothing picture worthy except for the sunrise.

I fished near Fullerton Sunday and the action was slower. We didn't get a line in the water until about 8:00AM, since the wife and kid joined me. Went 1 for 2. Here's a pic of the coho my son caught.

Fish both days were caught on nightcrawlers about 5 feet down. Tinsel jigs with alewife strips have stopped working. Next time I will also bring a rod to do some casting. With the water warming up to the mid 40's, the fish are getting much more feisty. I expect powerline fishing to last no more than two more weeks at the rate the water is warming.

Just a side note- the attendant is now on duty at Diversey, so be prepared to fork over some green for the privilege of parking near the tennis courts.
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