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Stopped by the BPS shindig in Gurnee for a few nessesities and came away with a little professional dropshot fine tuning info.

The lower weight is used to anchor the rig in a particular spot and the line held slack. Occasionally shake the rod tip thus shaking the bait and watch for line movement. Pick the weight up and move it. Slacken the line and shake your rod tip again. Repeat as required.

New information concerning the hookup - Bass tend to swallow this hook deep. Not in the lip. CPR requires long pliers or hemostat. I didn't realize this. Be prepared.

Secondly, I tried a "drop-shot type" rig used with a "Thill-type" river float.

The Rig - A waggler float with several small bouyancy balancing splitshots beneath it, followed by a circle hook, followed by a final "anchoring" splitshot.

The Plan - I wanted to present a tantalizingly lively minnow to whatever was lurking near a pile of river rocks and keep that minnow in the feed zone for as long as possible.

The Result - The "anchoring" splitshot hung up on the windward side of the structure, holding "da woim" (didn't have any minnows)just above the crest. Nothing big but there was action. Three small cats. It took several "float-bys" to find the right depth and to get a feel for the distance from shore but it actually worked. I mean, not that I was suprised or anything.

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did anyone bring the samiches?
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