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Dupage Board Ice Breaker

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Well, the Dupage is the closest river to my house in Plainfield. I always drive over it to go the the Fox. This Spring I am going start fishing it for smallies. The first area I am gonna target is near 111th & 119th Streets by the quarry (Bolingbrook or Naperville?).

Anyone fished this area and how is it for smallies. I fished it a month ago. Had 30 minutes to kill and fished from shore. Found some structure that should hold smallies in warmer water and started working it with a jig/twister. The carp must have been schooled up pretty thick. Out of 15+ casts I snagged something big at least 60% of the time. Got quite a few nice rides only to loose it. Did land one.

Dupage looks like a very nice River to canoe. How is it for wading. The Fox is nice with a rock bottom. How is the Dupage? Is sinking in muck a problem?

I would appreciate any smallmouth tips on the Dupage. I would be happy to return the favor with knowledge of the Fox (smallies or walleyes).

My e-mail address is: [email protected]

Thank you,
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Well, i've foung the Duper to be an exelent wading river, not som much canoeing. Its mostly rock bottom exept for a few exeptions. Look for overhangs, pools, holes and sandbars. I would use a crawdad colered deep diving bass plug or a leech on a 16th ounce jig. Good Fishin
The duper is a great wading river. The areas around Shorewood used to be flat rock bottom in certian areas, but alot of silt/mud has relocated and changed the bottom situation. Maybe because of the new bridge over 59. Duper usually clears up nice during the summer months. Right now it is in great shape as far as clarity goes, but the water is still to cold for catching lots of fish. At least for me, I use a flyrod.

A new bridge is being built over the DuPage at 111th st. Right now they have dumped gravel across one half of the river creating a huge eddy right under the existing bridge and about 25 yards south of the bridge. If you haven't been there in a while, you'll be suprised at the change with ALL the trees gone
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