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E21 Carrot Stix Rods

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Anyone own one ? In the market for a new rod. Looks like the reviews on other sites are raving how good they are. Looking for some CLF'er input.
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Here's the last thread on the carrot rod: ... c&start=15
thanks didn't see that
Picked one up from my friends at Strictly Fishing during their open house. I paired it up with a 6.3 oz Revo Premier. Total weight of the pkg with line was less than 10 oz.

It's crazy light. I got the 6'9" parabolic bend rod for crankbaits and x-raps.

I caught a 8# blue on a x-rap shad on it. I had a BLAST fishing this pole and wasn't sore from casting it. I had that blue on the side of the boat for about 3 minutes as I was extending my landing net. No problems with it at all.

I'm buying the Heavy 7'3" next..sweet rod.

Oh by the way...I own St. Croix,Kistler, Setyr, Shimano Compre rods and I like them all but this stix is the bomb!!
E21 Carrot Stix

Have a 7'2" Carrot Stix LTX MH.

Great rod!!!!!!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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