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east fork lake

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im just wondering if there is no restriction on motor on this lake and if there is a public boat lauch looking to go out sunday
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No motor limit and nice launch. What are fishing for? We used to go spring and fall for crappie, but the size just hasn't been there the last 2 years. Bassin' is great, and this May we are going down and fine tune our southern walleye tactics. Did well for eyes last October, good numbers and a few 3lb+ fish. Be sure to post a report

East Fork Lake
Hey King what were you using for the eyes down there
Trolling shad raps & wally drivers along the drop offs brought the numbers. Jigs with minnows into the shoreline laydowns caught the bigger fish. Look for the steep shoreline with trees laying into the water and try pitching into them. The guys in the boat lost alot of jigs and some nice fish on snags. We were paddling right into them and vertical jigging from our kayaks with much better luck landing fish.
Make sure to get a launch permit in town,at the bait store. Price varies depending on h.p. of motor. DNR has been there on most of my outings there so I wouldn't launch without permit. Your right kingfish-I too used to go for crappies in the spring/fall but the lake has taken a downturn for crappie recently. Too bad I like the area and the Mexxican food restaurant in town was almost worth the drive itself.
Guy I work with has been going down there for years in the spring for big bluegills. Walleyes are an added bonus, but he doesn't target them.
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