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I find it hard to beleive that barely anyone has chossen spinnerbaits or crankbaits.But then again the question is FAVORITE lures,which for many the topwater bites are truly the best.Seeing a bass come up and nail a lure is second to none,i even get a kick out of it when they miss it but you can tell the bass is still following a popper.The next twitch usually results in the slam. I wonder what some of you do when you are getting short strikes on a popper,do you keep throwing the popper even though the bass arent quite taking it.Or do you go to some other bait?I often fish poppers and have a hard time going to another lure when this short striking is happening.any ideas on this subject? Kevin d.

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When I'm popping poppers - I want nothing but line between my rod/reel and the plug. No swivel, no clip, no split ring, nutt'in. I want my popper to hang tail down with its nose above the water. After a bass whacks it, I start reeling but "try" not to start the rod sweep until I feel the weight of the fish. Otherwise I pull the plug away from my prize. I'm not married to any lures or techniques. I just keep changing this and that until something lands in the net.

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did anyone bring the samiches?

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