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got out today for the first time fishing open water this year. I was excited with the warmer weather and headed out to the lake behind our house.

Started out with slip bobber and night crawler on one pole, and a BPS blue minnow crankbait on the other. I set out the slip bobber and then proceeded to walk up and down the shore throwing the crankbait. After about 20 minutes, I felt a tap on the line, and set the hook. I started reeling in and about 7 feet from shore I lost the fish. I reeled in the rest of the line and saw that there were teeth marks on the top of the bait-Pike!

I then went to check on the slip bobber. My son who is 14 then came out to talk with me and actually brought out a cooler filled with food and drink- what a great kid :-D :-D
now you have to understand, this is the one of my two sons that does not like to fish AT ALL!! :cry: :cry:
as I was sitting there, re-adjusting the slip bobber, he asks if he can take the other pole and cast. I said sure and he proceeded to throw out the bait. Next thing I know he is telling me he has a fish on, and I am thinking he just has weeds. My other son who is 16 is out there also getting his pole ready( he loves to fish) and starts to ask his brother if it is a big fish. My 14 year old then starts to reel in and now I can tell he does have a fish :)2 :)2 :-D :-D

He reels the fish in and he has now reeled in the biggest pike we have caught in our lake to date- a 24 incher!! He is as happy as can be and is now razzing my other son saying" oh yea, you need sooooo much skill to catch a fish" 8:) 8:)

he really knows how to get under his brothers skin ;)

About an hour later, I am throwing a mepps number three and land a nice 2lb LM. The fish hit about 3 feet from shore on a fairly fast steady retrieve.

All in all, a great day:

1. first day out, no skunk :)2 :)2
2. My sons first pike :)2 :-D :-D

can you tell how happy he is to be holding the fish ;)

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