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Decided to try and fish a place near my apartment in Oak Park so I headed south to cermak quarry. It's a small pond near an aquatic center, I was originally going to head to columbus park but after seeing an article about a dead body that was recently found there I decided cermak quarry was a better choice.
Arriving there on a hot day I noticed a lot of children and parents and the aquatic center. I immediately noticed that the pond had quite a bit of garbage and smelled kinda bad. There was even a dead turtle floating in the water. I also saw a ton of small bluegills in the shallows so I decided to try some gulp minnows then some gulp waxies. Bluegills usually love those but they weren't biting. About two hours before sunset about 4 or 5 more fisherman appeared and I saw they were catching decent sized fish. So I put on a powerbait brown chigger craw and threw it out to the center and caught a decent sized bass. He took my last craw so I put on a brown yum dinger and threw that in. The dinger was a hit and I caught about 5 more nice bass in an hour or two. Overall even though the lake was small and kinda smelly I had a good time.

PS a police officer checked my license


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