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<font color="#00FF00">Last Saturday i had three guy's answer my post and they all joined me. I would like to thank Mike, Allen and Dave for braving real cold water. We didnt catch a thing,way to cold for the smallies to be fighting the fast currents of the Kishwaukee yet. Allen and Dave had never fished the Kish north of Dekalb and man were they surprised to see what its like up in Rockford. I thought between Allen and Mike one of them were going to fill their waders.Mike because Gander didnt give him suspenders for his new waders,or forgot to tell him they didnt come with them. Allen because he was like a kid in a candy store and he wanted to try every possible hole he could cast to.LOL Once again you guy's it was my pleasure to take you out,keep this spot a secret and lets do it again sometime when it warms up. Kevin</font> :)3

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Thanks again for introducing us to a strech of the Kish that Dave and I couldn't have imagined existed! I'm looking foward to warming weather to get back in and connect with a few smallies!

Dave and I may be getting out again either on the Fox or maybe exploring more of the Kish, let me know if you are interested!

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