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It all depends on the species of fish you are after. Start the season off fishing for great lakes trout and salmon, they usually offer the first bit of action, then it's time for perch, pike, muskie and walleye as those species will normally spawn earliest, then comes your crappie and bass. Pike and muskie can offer some great early season action. Still a bit early for walleyes. I always try to fish for the most active species. Right now Lk. Michigan offers action for trout and salmon. Very shortly, with some spring-like conditions, start hucking baits for big pike and musky. End of April, start fishing for Bass, walleye, crappie. It's never to early or too cold, fish have to eat, and normally the biggest hawgs will become active feeders the earliest as it takes a fish of some stature and power to withstand the colder temps. and begin feeding actively. The little guys need warmer temps to become active, but the giant pigs are already getting hungry.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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