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Well, the Flatties seemed to have turned on !

I actually started the day at a small pond north of Ottawa. I had an hour to kill after work. Fishing for bass and gills, a 26" flathead slammed my crawler. Surprise ! Way cool, I never caught one this early. (BTW, a friend of mine told me later he's caught them as early as March. Shows you what I know.)

So last night I got out on the River from 8 till 10. Not a lot of action. I caught a little 18"carpster, then missed a bite. Them came big Mama. She was fat, 33" long, and I couldn't get both hands around her ! Got a picture of her, but still can't figure out how to post pix. (That's my problem; I'll figure it out soon, I hope.

So, all you kitty lovers, they're ou there !
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