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dont think you need to change lines every season bugger.I use scientific angler shooting.just kkep it clean and look for nicks and blemishes.probably could get away with with just a slight trim maybe 5-6 feet every couple of months.depending how much you fish and wear the important thing is to keep it clean and know your river.I have abuddy to practices in his backyard and you should see how spools he goes through because he is careless.I fish for the biggies and can honestly say that by being very careful with yourline and dressing it probely after each trip will keep that line working good for a long time.last season on my 9 weight i probaby landed bout 100 or so big kings and stealhead and it still works great.another thing...keep it out of the sunlight or out of places with extreme the trunck of your car....might save ya a couple hundred or so depending on how much you fish
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