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Was at fox river below the Montgamery dam. Fished for a half hour and same as yesterday no bites. Then I decided to try a green jig tipped with a worm so i would not be as bored as yesterday. After about ten minutes I caught a walley that measured in at 16 12 inches was very surprised probably weighed 2 pounds. Good Fishing!

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It's nice to read that walleyes of decent size are being caught in several differnt locaions. 16.5" is a nice eye! Skillet size!

What time were you fishing? I have found that the bite starts to pickup about an hour before sunset and continues until about 1.5 hours after sunset. I started catching many more eyes once I started fishing at night.

I haven't been fishing in over a month :sad:

I hope to fix that soon. I have a few good holes picked out and some prime spawning grounds in mind for the spring run. The water temp is just about at the right temp to trigger the spawn (so I'm told). I'll be out there and will post some pictures wether they be big or small.

Good Luck,
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