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Free Bow Fishing DVD's !

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I have two bowfishing DVD's that I won as part of last year's charity auction. Both are very interesting and have great footage of all kinds of bowfishing. One is "The Best of Bowfishin" with Lance Sllentop (from Sully's Bowfishing supply) and the other is "Bowfishing: The Real Deal 2"

Since I've already watched them and not like to watch them again, I am offering them for free to anyone who wants them. I will mail them to you for free, I only ask that when you are done, you post them back here for free and be willing to mail them to the next person that wants to watch them. Should cost you less than $2 media rate.

Who wants them first?
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I'll take a look at them and I think I have another video that I can forward to sweeten the pot.
I have these, they are both excellent videos, well worth the time. :)2 em both. The Sullys DVD has some good flounder bowfishing in it. Cool idea Tom :)2 :)2

pm me your address and I will drop them in the mail to you, then you can add your dvd to the mix for next guy! Cool, this should work out nice :)2
Tubes, received the package today. No DVD found in THE BEST OF BOWFISHING cover. Maybe it's still in your DVD player!!!!!!
:oops: :oops: :oops: Probably is! I'll check and get it out to you!
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