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Friday Evening

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Fished an island point on the main river with a 1/8 oz. Bitsy Minnow and caught a few 10"- 12" Smallies. Worked my way up to a backwater and lost a huge Bass at shore on the same bait. Minutes later I tied on a Mepps #2 Black Fury with a yellow twister tail and landed a 16" Smallie in a current break behind a log. Next came a decent white bass.
Snagged up the Mepps and went back to the main river. After throwing a spinnerbait with no takers, it was time to kick back and soak in the sunset, full moon and the rest (refer to Gortowski's letter on my website for get the point). After seeing some giant bass jumping it was more than I could take. I ran back to my truck and brought out some buzzbaits. Threw my arm off on a blue/white one with nothing to show.
Tied on a yellow/white one and had a big fish swipe at it and miss. On the next pass, it didn't miss. I set the hook on a 18 3/4" Hog biggest to date on the Kank!
The mosquitos were starting to gather with bad intentions, so it was time to pack it in.
Too bad the weekend weather forecast involves flash flood warnings....just when the river was really starting to turn on..... :)11
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Hey,did you try fishing fishing for bass by my dads hotspot on the river?
No, I didn't try it. I'm thinking of buying some waders so I can jump in the river whenever I feel like it. Tired of missing out on the outstanding spring Smallie fishing, while waiting for the water to warm. :)25
I did'nt mean jump in the river!, even thogh I we could. I ment try a roster tail or something.

Man! I wished the weather was'nt crappy out! The fish are confused and don't know when to bite because of all the mixed crappy days and nice days. IT STINKS WE COULD BE FISING!!! :)11
fished the river from garden of eden to state line hitting the bays. two of us. Each got 1 small northern. the river is really moving up there. shorelines were unfishable by boat. No trolling moter battery. The bays were nice and quiet and it was a peaceful evening, not as nice as Monday night. Great night to have a pop or two.
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